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Susie Potter

Susie Potter is a freelance writer and holds a B.A. in English and a minor in Professional Writing from Meredith College. She has served as a staff writer for The Meredith Herald , The Garner Citizen , and Triangle Arts and Entertainment , and she currently writes a monthly blog for, a non-proft organization that promotes a healthy environment. Her fiction has been published in The Colton Review , where it won first place narrative, the Raleigh Quarterly , Broken Plate Magazine , and The Chaffey Review. She has studied under renowned authors Angela Davis-Gardner and Suzanne Britt. When it comes to fiction, Potter is gritty, harsh, and real, but when it comes to her freelance writing, she's all business. Potter is a member of the CaryWrites critique group where she serves as organizer of a novel-based critique group and the Raleigh Write 2 Publish group. Samples of and links to her work are available by clicking the links below. For more information on any service or to hire Potter, contact

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